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Vesper Variations & Knits Characteristics

Posted by Betsy C on

With every new pattern comes many, many muslins. In the case of the Vesper Dress, I just couldn’t decide on which fabrication to photograph. Sometimes I forget to stop and consider- “Will I wear this?,” when it comes to purchasing fabric. Well, it turns out that I chose a couple of unflattering options color-wise but I still have some lovely dresses to share as inspiration. (The blue plaid is my go-to. I’ve worn the bejesus out of this dress)

Now, you should know by now that I love knit fabric. It is just so forgiving and malleable. However, each knit has it’s own “personality”, shall we say. Fabric content plays a big role in how your project turns out

The more spandex (or Lycra- same thing, but one is trademarked)- the shinier the fabric will be. This is why swimsuits and workout gear have that sheen. They have a lot of spandex

Why do I choose discuss this now? Not just because this is a new knit pattern, but it proved to be an exercise in the different knit characteristics. Part of the reason I made it so many times, is because I got different results each time. The biggest difference I found was the back keyhole. The tighter the chest is, the more of a keyhole you get. So please keep this in mind when choosing a size. Also, the tighter you pull the trim around the neckline and armhole finish will also affect the keyhole shape.

If then keyhole doesn’t offer you enough coverage for your bra follow Nhi’s suggestion by adding a shelf bra. Check out her how-to at Detective Houndstooth.

Also, the CF pleat creates enough coverage to hide that extra serving of dessert. No, that is not a “bump” on the first photo, but rather to show with a cotton blend jersey that it does not hang as easily as other knits. If you find your fabric leaves you in the same predicament, then the pleat can be stitched down further towards the waist.

I hope that this leaves with you with your own ideas for your Vesper variation.

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