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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I purchased a PDF pattern, but have not received a link or cannot find the link. Where can I find the pattern?

A:  When you purchase an SBCC pattern you will receive 2 emails, one from SBCC as your receipt and the second from "Fetch" that includes your downloads. Be sure to check your junk email if you don't see it immediately. Within the email, click on the name of the pattern and you are good to go! It should end up in your downloads folder.

Sometimes technology gets a hiccup and files don't make it to your inbox. If this is the case, send and email and I'll make sure you get your pattern asap. 

Q: I signed up to the SBCC email list to the receive the Free Tonic Tee, but it never showed up. 

A: Sorry about this! The Tonic Tee PDF delivery is handled by a third party app which, unfortunately, can sometimes fail to send. Let me know and I'll make sure to send a copy over to you directly. 

Q: How do you define "Petite"?

A: SBCC petites are 5 ft 4" (1.63M) and under and 5'1" (1.55M) is the base height for all SBCC patterns. 

Q: What cup size do you draft for?

For size ranges XXS-XL, the bust fit is designed for a B/C cup 

For size ranges L-4X, the bust fit is designed for a D/E cup 

Q: How do I download the Free Tonic Tee Pattern? 

A: Click here!

Q: I'm not a petite. Can I still use your patterns?

A: sure, most styles have cut line indications for where to add the length. A good starting place for de-petiting would be to add 1" to bodice lengths, 2+" to hems and 1" to sleeves. Of course it depends on your height, so making a muslin is a good idea. 

Q: My PDF pattern will not print/print to scale.

A: When "Print" is selected check that scale is set to 100% and select the little box that says "Actual Size". There is also a scale box on the first printed page for you to check, at which time you can cancel printing the whole pattern if this box is not right. All PDF patterns have been tested for scale. For more info on PDF patterns, check out this blog post

Q: I am not sure of what size range to buy as some of my measurements overlap both size ranges.

A:  To select your size for blouses and dresses it is recommended to choose your size based on your chest circumference. 

To select your size for pants and skirts it is recommended to choose your size based on your hip circumference. 

If you are really stumped, please contact me with your measurements and I'll help to get you the right size you need. 

Q: You used to offer printed patterns, why do I not see this as an option anymore?

A: As of Oct 2020 printed patterns are no longer available. You can read more about the decision here


Q: Do you sell wholesale or sell on third party websites? 

A: Sorry, since printed patterns are no longer part of the SBCC inventory, I do not do wholesale. As of publishing this, SBCC patterns are sold exclusively through this website with the exception of Pattern Review. 

 Q: What skill level are your patterns designed for?

A: SBCC patterns are designed for intermediate/ advanced because it is assumed that basic techniques are understood, such as when to press and how to sew a dart, etc…However, if you are a patient beginner you will find that SBCC patterns sew together quite easily. Instructions leave room for the techniques that suit your skill level best.

Q: Can I use SBCC patterns to make garments to sell?

A: Sorry, but SBCC patterns are intended for personal use only. If you would like to commission a pattern that you would like to reproduce, contact betsy (at) garmentaapparel (dot) com.

Q: I've heard you do pattern grading. Are you able to grade a pattern I have drafted? 

A: Sure, email betsy (at) garmentaapparel (dot) com so we can discuss.