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Reviver Skirt Remix

Posted by Betsy C on


I wanted to share a couple of photos of the Reviver skirt in action. This is the one piece wonder! No worries about searching high and low for that little facing piece that somehow floats away into nothingness at the crucial point of your project. Nope. This one big a*$ pattern piece that you will have a hard time losing.

In a way this skirt is a little origami-ish. You make two folds then sew a side seam together and the skirt is 2/3 of the way done!

This is just a teaser, but if you have purchased the skirt and need a little more of an idea of how it goes together, this should help.

I wanted to show you the stripe version, but my photographer was much taller than I and the photos taken from a higher vantage point make me appear even more petite (really, I don’t need any help with that). Instead check out my variation with a two-sided ponte knit. Pay no attention to the blinding whiteness of my legs. I have been busy sewing so not so much time for tanning.

It is an easy skirt an the opportunities for stripe-play and layout are endless. Just keep in mind that the wrong side of the fabric will end up on the top during all the folding, so make sure to choose a fabric that looks good on both sides.

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