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Spring Revival: The Reviver Skirt Pattern

Posted by Betsy C on

After a great battle that left many failed attempts behind to overwhelm my rack of samples, I can finally announce the new Reviver Skirt pattern. I found my inspiration in a similar ready to wear skirt that I purchased. However, when I received it it was nearly see-thru and it did not look quite like the Donna Karan-esq style that I was going for. The points hung at odd, unflattering lengths and the draping did not look as easy as it was styled online.

I desperately wanted to make it work so I made one for myself with a total redo of the shape. I am a patternmaker because I love shapes and I am always intrigued by making a complex garment out of the simplest construction. This fit the bill perfectly.
Lets get down to my favorite part: the technical details. The Reviver skirt is only one piece of fabric that requires only one yard for whatever size you choose. Everyone has that one yard laying around, right? Also, my obsession with knit fabrics continues for this style so I recommend a really stretchy and drapey jersey for the best fluidity of draping. Timing: I’ve sewn about a gazillion of these skirts now so I can whip one up in 20 minutes. If it is your first go at it, maybe about an hour— max!
Now I realize that this is not everyones go-to styling as classic shapes are safe and proven. I felt the same way. But sometimes you need that one piece that is “wow” and “how did they do that?” It is a quick project that sews up in no time its worth the trial to revive your wardrobe.

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