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A Simple Embellishment-No Additional Supplies Needed

Posted by Betsy C on

You know that feeling when you finish a garment and something feels like it's missing? Sometimes it needs a bit of dimension to add interest without taking away from the style. One of my favorite techniques is to put facings on the outside. Yup, you heard me right. I had many inquiries on the styling of the Tai Dress in the recent release, so I wanted to share how I got this look with minimal effort and no extra supplies needed.

  • Start out by sewing the neckline facing pieces together at the shoulder seams.
  • Do a basting stitch 1/4" (.6cm) from the outer edge.  
  • Pull the basting thread so the curve of the facing starts to have a roundness. Distribute evenly with you fingers.
  • Start at one end and press the facing edge back 3/8" (1cm). It's ok to push out some of the excess in the gathering.
  • Sew the facing to the neckline but the right side of the facing should be against the wrong side of the body.
  • Secure the seam allowances to the body neckline with an under stitch.
  • Pull the facing over the right side of the bodice and press the top edge. Stitch the bottom edge of the facing to secure to the bodice.

For the Tai Dress sample I even added a waistband:

 (This should be done before you insert the zipper.) This is super simple:

  • Cut a long strip of fabric 1 3/4" wide. If you have enough fabric, it is best to cut a bias strip to follow the contour of the waist.
  • Depending on your fabric, more than likely, this does not need to be interfaced unless it is difficult/slippery to handle. The interfacing will limit any stretch and gets thick around the waist.
  • Turn back the top and bottom edge, ironing flat. Align the bottom edge with the top of the waist seam on the dress. Topstitch the top and bottom. Add the channel stitches if this is the look you want.

I hope this helps to give you ideas to work with what you have on hand to give a garment a whole new look.

Oh, don't forget- today is the last day of the Tai Dress sale! Get yours at a discount. 

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  • Argh, my smiley face icon in my first comment became a question mark! :-P

    Beal on
  • I really like this! Thanks for the tutorial. ?

    Beal on
  • Thank you, this can make a dress or top look very different with a rather simple technique.

    Sharon on

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