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Harvey Shirt Pattern Tester Round Up!

Posted by Betsy C on

I had an amazing team of pattern testers that did some fantastic work. I can't thank them all enough for being my extra set of eyes and a great source of feedback and inspiration!

They have been kind enough to give me permission to share their makes and their measurements so you can determine what size you would consider making for the Harvey Shirt


Nothing beats a good action shot- especially flow fabric on a breezy day! Jen and I went back and forth discussing her sizing and the latest update for her is to size down for a more comfy fit.  I always recommend to choose your size based on your chest first and working from this point. **More on choosing your size for a later post** 

Chest: 42" (106cm)

Hip: 43 3/4" (111cm)

Height: 5'1" (155cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: L2

Fabric she used: 100% rayon

You can find Jennifer @jeholden on instagram


It doesn't get more classic and wearable than blue linen! Love Aimee's choice as it gives a ton of styling options. 

Chest: 37 1/2" (95cm)

Hip: 44" (112cm)

Height: 5' (153cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: Graded size 12 to size 16 at the hips

Fabric she used: Linen blend

You can find Aimee on Instagram @sewingscientist and on her blog She also just wrote up a full review of the Harvey Shirt. Check it out!


I'm always so happy to meet anyone who makes SBCC as part of their regular sewing queue and I was especially keen on Cheryl's take on the Harvey because she's been a long time customer who knows SBCC from the simple instructions that I did in the beginning to the now more detailed.  I want to make sure SBCC patterns continue to get better. Cheryl's roster of SBCC includes 3 Pinot Pants, 2 Tonic Tees and 2 Manhattan Trousers (+more to come).

Chest: 35 1/2" (90cm)

Hip: 34" (86cm)

Height: 4'11" (150cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: Size 8



How adorable is Rosita in her Take on Harvey? Love the little bird print fabric that she used!

Chest: 45" (114cm)

Hip: 55 1/2" (141cm)

Height: 5'3" (160cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: 18W

Fabric she used: Cotton Shirting


Some people see a plain button-down blouse and others take it and make it something new, creative, and unexpected. I was so fixated on the two piece collar shape all along that when Janet's pics popped up a lightbulb went off and a whole new world of opportunities for styling opened up! 

Chest: 39" (99cm)

Hip: 39" (99cm)

Height: 5' (153cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: 14

Fabric she used: Repurposed and dyed twill blend

Check Janet out @andsewfifth on Instagram


I was particularly interested in Jennifer's take on Harvey because she's 5'7", but petite in her torso length. Petite isn't always short all over and Jennifer proves it in her beautiful take on Harvey! These pics and the fabric...I'm so loving the look!

Chest: 50 1/2" (128cm)

Hip: 43" (109cm)

Type of Petite:  Short torso/long legs

Height: 5'7" (170cm)

Size she chose to make: 18/20

Fabric she used: Linen


Lyn is one of the most prolific SBCC users :) This lady is a gem and was so ready to post of up her different versions in the SBCC FB Community group, even before I was! Seriously, hop on over and check out all her makes. It's always so inspiring to see what she comes up with.

Chest: 42" (107cm)

Hip: 41" (104cm)

Height: 5'2" (158cm)

Type of Petite: Short torso/long legs

Size she chose to make: 14W

Fabric she used: polyester blend poplin, chambray & viscose voile


Harvey was just a shirt and a tunic....Then Marsha's shirtdress hack came along and everyone in the testing group chimed in with a resounding "YES". So yeah, Marsha's a kinda trailblazer (and a bit of baking celebrity with her invention of the Cake Pops! So cool, right!)

Chest: 31 1/2" (80cm)

Hip: 36" (91cm)

Height: 5'3" (160cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: 2

Fabric she used: cotton chambray


Megan needs no introduction, right? She's a super creative and active member of the sewing community, and when she's not posting on her own blog, you can find her as one of the editors of the Curvy Sewing Collective. I was super interested on her take on sewing Harvey because this is her first (hopefully not last) foray into shirt making.

Chest: 45" (114cm)

Hip: 53" (135cm)

Height: 5'7" (170cm)

Type of Petite: Short torso/long legs

Size she chose to make: 18/20

Fabric she used: Cotton gauze

You can find Megan at & be sure to check out her full review of the Harvey Shirt!

and on Instagram @thegreenviolet


How cool is Simona's take on Harvey?! I was excited to see her finished project because after perusing her blog I knew she would not disappoint and was certain to come up with something clever and unique!

Chest: 36" (91cm)

Hip: 37" (95cm)

Height: 5' (157cm)

Type of Petite: long torso/short legs

Size she chose to make: size 8

Fabric she used: Cotton lawn

You can find Simona on her blog- on Instagram


Heather is a busy lady, but boy was I glad she was able to be a pattern tester! Not only can I thank her for beautiful pics, but behind the scenes she was so thorough and detailed. At first I thought, ok, I'm going to need a cocktail to go through all the notes, but it was all on point and means so much to have such dedication :) 

Chest: 32 1/4"(82cm)

Hip: 36" (91cm)

Height: 5'3" (160cm)

Type of Petite: Short all over

Size she chose to make: 2 at the bust graded to size 0 at the hips

Fabric she used: Cotton lawn

you can find Heather on Instagram @singing-when-the-evening-comes

Fantastic work, right? If you are liking what you are seeing then jump on over to get your copy of the Harvey Shirt


Also, if you are interested in becoming a pattern tester for SBCC, fill out the survey. Would definitely love to represent a diverse range of testers for future projects. 

PS- pattern testers- if I left anything out (website links, instagram accounts, etc) let me know :) 

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  • Hiya, am 54yrs, just starting sewing & filling my spareroom, with esp old patterns. Everytime even if it has my size, I have to try to alter something! Need a course or good book to ensure I do things properly any idea’s? My Grandfather & Great were both tailors in Ireland, pity we never met up I’d have learned watching. Make mostly 👗 dresses but just not perfect fit

    Annette Graves on
  • It’s great to see the test makes from a range of sizes! Not only will this help me decide whether to buy theverything pattern (probably) it will also help me work out what size to make ☺

    Violet on

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