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Harvey Shirt Sew-along Part 6: Pockets and Finishing Touches

Posted by Betsy C on

35. For all views make top pocket bag. Fold up bottom, top, and sides in order as shown below. Iron flat. Topstitch the opening edge to secure the hem.

36. For pocket of view B & C, fold edges over in the order as shown below. Iron flat.

Apply a wide topstitch to secure pocket opening edge (1).

37. Align the pocket bags to markings on the body. Edgestitch through all layers to secure to the body.

(Don't judge my topstitch to harshly, this was the end of the day, lol!) 

Finish it up!

For view A, turnback the bottom hem 1/4” (.6cm) twice and topstitch through all layers. 

For all views, you decide the button placement. Buttons should go on wearers left side placket, buttonholes go on wearers right side placket. Make your buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

Please refer to cuff pieces for buttonhole placements.

Whew, I think that pretty much covers it! How'd it turn out for you? 

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