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Introducing the Bianco Dress

Posted by Betsy C on

There comes a time when even the most casual of us need to trade in our joggers and tees for something fancy. Weddings, formal events, or even just a day where you want to get dressed up. 

When we change our look in a way that transforms, something happens and we all take notice. There is a certain air and confidence. So let's get noticed! 

Introducing the fanciest pattern that I've ever made for SBCC- the Bianco Dress! No more costly off the rack formal wear that doesn't fit. The Bianco Dress is designed for your petite proportions: 

-It's a length that is what I would consider "cropped midi" for petites. This gives us shorties some Dior "New Look" vibes. 

-The skirt, omg, the skirt! It's a very full skirt with side panel details and seaming that I would dare any RTW to try to affordably duplicate (this is why we sew!)

-Pockets? Yes, please! They are hidden in the front skirt seams. 

-The bodice is intended to be reminiscent of a corset, but without the whole restriction and not being able to breathe thing. It's feminine and the details are fun. 

-You have the option of making it as a strappy sleeveless style or with a full gathered short sleeve. 

-You know I'm fixated on where the waist seam hits to make it petite-friendly. The Bianco is in the right spot and it features a subtle V dip at the center. 

This dress is all about the details. But the standards are still in place- It comes in sizes XXS-4X, B,C & D cup sizing, and copy shop, print at home and projector options. 

To be honest with you- I had no occasion that inspired the Bianco Dress. Instead I used this as an excuse to use the fanciest fabrics- brocade, velvet, and satin. I'm generally a sucker for anything easy like jersey and cottons, but working with fancy fabrics, it allows you a new perspective and an opportunity to level up your sewing skills. 

The Bianco Dress is what I would consider an advanced sewers project. But if you are here because you just love the style- then go for it!  

Here's why I think it is for advanced: Some of the seaming like the front V point and the side hip panels on the skirt can be tricky to sew, even for experienced sewers. Additionally, fabric will be a major influence in the look of your garment and how it will sew up. For instance, satin is slippery. When working with velvet you really have to consider the layout of the pieces on the fabric to avoid shading issues. Brocades and metallics can fray quite a bit. Novelty fabrics will all behave very differently and there will be a distinctive personality to whatever you choose.  Be prepared to address them as they arise.

I don't say any of this to discourage you, but rather to let you know what the hurdles could be so when you stumble a bit, know it's not just you. Keep on and take a breather if it's not cooperating. This advice proves true for whatever project you are working on. 

Grab your copy of the Bianco Dress today! It's never to early to start sewing for those big events in 2024! Frocktails anyone?


Download your copy today!

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