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Personalizing the Sunrise Jogger Fit

Posted by Betsy C on

Being able to sew your own clothes means that you also get to modify the fit for your own personal fit preferences. 

The Sunrise Joggers are a quick and fun sewing project, but with their unique styling, sometimes traditional alterations that you would like to do may not seem as straightforward as they should be. 

Below, I will demonstrate two of the common adjustments needed for pants that you may find to be a head-scratcher with the Sunrise Joggers.

Just like with any pattern, I highly encourage you to make a muslin first to establish exactly what kinds of changes that you would need to make. For instance, the Sunrise Joggers have higher rises and will sit higher on the waist and hips than what you may think. If you are not petite, you may not want to even alter them at all. Give it a quick run through and do a test. 

1) Altering the Rise Height

The term "rise" means the vertical front and back center seams and are basically the determining factor of how high or low a pant will fall on your waist. To add or reduce the rise height, here's how it will look: 



2) Grading between sizes for the waist and hip

I generally advise to select your pant size based on the hip first. However, the pockets for the Sunrise Jogger can be tricky to adjust. If your waist size is more than 1 size bigger than your hip size, then I would recommend to choose your size based on the waist you need first. From here, it will be easier to slim the hip down. 

But before we go too far, let me say this: The Sunrise joggers have a decent amount of ease/gathers around the waist. Theoretically if your waist is only one size bigger than the hip, you may not even want to go to the trouble of adjusting. Using the same waist size as your hip would result in a flatter/smoother waistband and waist. For everyone else, here is how I would go down a size at the hip: 


 The object of pattern adjustments between the waist and the hip is to avoid having to modify the yoke and the pockets. Things can easily go wrong, so I would advise to avoid if possible, but if you feel confident in doing so then go for it!

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