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Paloma Sew along day 2- Pockets

Posted by Betsy C on

Wait, a whole post on pockets! These are a little more special. 

There are pockets, and then there are pockets. They are not only functional, but can add extra detail to any project. I'm not a big into the embellishment with trims, beads, etc. But I like dimension and this is the idea behind a simple folded pocket. 

Here's how to do it:

1) Fold down the top edge to match to the notches.

2) Edgestitch to hold in place.

3) Turn over and fold the top edge down. The triangle notches will be at the top.

4) Turn over to the wrong side again, and press in the sides and the bottoms 3/8" (1cm).

5) It's important to make sure both pockets are the same size. Before sewing to the garment lay one on top the other to check and make folding adjustments as needed.

6) Make sure you have marked the pocket placement on the right side of the body. Position pockets on top of the marks.

7) Stitch all around. You can do a triangle stitch at the top to hold the folded edges under even more.

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