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Pattern Updates Are on the Way

Posted by Betsy C on

Can you believe that SBCC Patterns is 8 years old already! It doesn't sound like a lot, but it does seem like forever ago that I released the first SBCC patterns. But let me tell you this- no one teaches you what you need to do when you start up a pattern line. Eight years ago the indie pattern scene was just starting to gain steam and I think everyone was sorta figuring it out as we went. I for sure was. Now I look back and I'm wondering what was I thinking by not including copy shop print options or layered sizing on PDF pattern? SMH! 

For some pattern companies, making these updates would be super simple to do. However, years back, I stored all my formatted pattern files on an external hard drive. That should be safe, right? Nope. One day it died and took all my files with it. Now, I have all the original pattern files still, but they exist in only my drafting program which is a super simple and plain file. Nothing what you would expect a sewing pattern to look like. Here's what the Mojito Skirt looks like pre-formatting and post-formatting:

So I have my work cut out for me. I'm slowly going through the SBCC archives to do comprehensive updates that include: 

  • Creating an overlapping size range
  • Extending all styles to include size 4X
  • Adding copy shop and projector print options
  • Making layered sizes for PDFs so you can select only the size you need
  • Eliminating the flat photos and showing how a garment looks on a body for product pictures. 

If you have already purchased older SBCC patterns please rest assured that the new re-releases still represent the same fit and styling that you initially purchased. Nothing has changed for the style. Those who purchased hard copy patterns should be ok because the changes mostly encompass the digital output. However, if you are needing a size 4X for a style that you purchased, please get in touch once you see that the style in question has been re-released. 

Admittedly, this is a bit of a slow process. I get easily distracted by shiny new patterns and a heavy workload for my primary job, but I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. I have been lucky to find a little help to get these back in shape for you. If you have previously purchased PDFS that have been updated, you will receive and email alert the moment they are available. 

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  • Good luck!

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