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Say Hello to the Sunrise Joggers

Posted by Betsy C on

It's finally here! 

You asked, I delivered!

The number one requested pattern - the Sunrise Joggers. 

I had been on the fence about this one for awhile. Up until recently I had not been a part of "team jogger". Most of the time you'll find me in jeans or the Pegu Pants. But I've got to say the Sunrise Joggers have me converted and I now see what the buzz is about. 

Since we are all close here, before I go on I'd like to address what the delay was and unpack some issues on you- I think we all have our weird clothing quirks, right? You know what I mean- maybe you don't like collars that touch your neck or waistbands that hit at the wrong position, or cuffs on your short sleeves.

For some reason I don't like elastic or anything cinched around my ankles. Weird, right? I think it stems from those onesie pajamas back in the 80's with the horrible vinyl feet and elastic at the ankles, available for children of all ages. Thank goodness my mom heard my complaints and the feet and elastic were always chopped off so I could still be warm, but flashing those toes!

But joggers, they always have the cuff, right? Not anymore. The Sunrise Joggers have an option for the look and proportion of a pair of joggers, but without the cuff. Just a slim leg pant, which is more my speed....but I'm still loving how cool the cuff looks on others that don't have my sort of hang-ups. 

Now that I have seen the power of the jogger pant I can confidently say that the Sunrise Joggers are just the most perfect casual comfortable pant that you can make- plus they have pockets and a really fun yoke detail. 


The Sunrise Joggers are perfect for knit fabrics. Think bamboo French Terry or your favorite heavy weight knit jersey. Whatever knit fabric you have that will move with you and give you comfort and the coverage you would look for in a pair of pants.

I have not tried these in a woven fabric, but I am intrigued. If anyone is brave enough to give it a go, maybe do a muslin and start with your standard size, but size up at the leg opening and knee. 


I made a TON of samples to get this jogger pant just the way I wanted. I didn't want it tight. There are plenty of fitted joggers out there so I wanted to present another point of view. But I also didn't want them to be baggy. The Sunrise Joggers are fitted at the leg opening and calf, but gradually become looser at the thighs and hips. There is ample room to pull them over your hips and you will have a bit of fullness around the waist from the gathering of the waistband. The front rise should sit at or, pretty close to your belly button level and the back rise allows for ample coverage, especially when you bend over. If you are worried about the rise height, give it a try first. I wear mine so they are kinda slouchy in the front. It's an attitude, not a perfectly molded piece of fabric to your body. 

Choosing your size:

This is important: Stick to your usual SBCC size. When in doubt, always choose based on your hip circumference first. As with any garment, and pants especially, spend the time and make a trial run to see what you think and pivot based on this first. Do not sleep on the Sunrise Joggers and assume they are one thing based on measurements alone. They will surprise you in a good way.

What's up next: 

The sewing of the pockets and yoke can be a bit tricky so I am working hard to pull together a sew along on the blog for the Sunrise Joggers. Also, because there is no side seam at the yoke and pocket, grading between sizes or modifications can be a bit tricky. I'm going to work on getting you the full run down of how to adjust the fit to your specifications. 

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  • Betsy, these pants are so comfortable! I made them in French Terry! Thanks for a great pattern!

    Laurie Borysewicz on

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