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The Gimlet Top Gets a Makeover

Posted by Betsy C on

Sheeesss back! The Gimlet Top truly is the unsung hero of SBCC. It’s a quick sew, an easy project for beginners or those new to knits, and a relaxed fit.
This was one of the first SBCC patterns I developed and suffice it to say, I've learned quite bit about what sewing patterns need to be over the years. Coming from a background in mass production I was used to just passing a pattern off with little to no instructions. However, this proved problematic for the sewing community and was a challenge for beginners. Lessons learned, improvements made, and still even more improvements each time a pattern is released. Seriously, it's a learning curve that keeps evolving and I'm happy to be able to put out new, comprehensive versions of the older SBCC Patterns- starting with the Gimlet Top.
What’s new?
There are more size options.
This means that the Gimlet Top now includes sizes XXS-4X. It also means the there is a size overlap between each separate range for you to get the fit you need if you are grading between sizes or fall in a grey area between the two size ranges.
As a sidenote to the size ranges, I get a lot of questions about how the L and XL's are different. One set of patterns contains XXS-XL. The other set of patterns contains L-4X. They each have their own base pattern from which the sizes are graded from. This means that the shape of the L and XL may look a little different in each size range, but the body circumferences will be the same. 
Updated sewing directions.
The original SBCC patterns were a little light in the sewing directions and the Gimlet Top was no exception. The updated pattern includes full illustrations of each step along the way. The instructions are still geared for more of an advanced beginner, but accessible for those who have sewn only a little. I struggle with what information to include sometimes because I feel like too much information can be confusing or misleading, so I try to be as direct as possible. But don't worry- I have not gone back to my minimalist ways. I had an amazing team of testers help me suss out all the stuff I overlooked to ensure your skill level is covered (more on testers coming up!)
Copy shop version is finally available!
Yay for more options. Just a reminder copy shop is formatted to cover both A0 and 36” wide.
And lastly, drumroll please.....
There is a new skirt add on so the Gimlet Top can be the Gimlet Dress. It’s a simple swingy skirt and I know some people may prefer to hack it, but this takes the guesswork out of the equation to guarantee an easy sew for your petite proportions.
Oh and did I mention it’s super quick? I whipped up a version in crushed velvet at the 11th hour for a holiday party. Because it’s a knit, I didn’t even have to hem it! Your welcome.
This add on is sold as just the skirt and waistband. If you already own the Gimlet top pattern, no need to repurchase! You will be able to purchase only the pieces that you do not have- you can find here. This will also include the updated sewing directions for the Gimlet so you have all the correct info.
The Gimlet Fit
So you may be wondering why I call the Gimlet the unsung hero of SBCC. The thing is, it's one of those surprising shapes that you are not really sure of but you give it a try and it's actually really comfy and just an easy top that quickly becomes one of your faves. 
The chest is intended to be oversized, ie- not tight or fitted. This is going to be bigger than your actual chest if you are comparing measurements, so don't get too worried if the numbers seem like a lot. Give it a try. It's especially flattering in really drapey knits. But if you feel like a smaller chest would be better for you, that's totally ok to do as I realize everyone has their own preference for how much volume they like. I've also found that if you are using a thicker fabric, like a ponte, you may want to size down at the chest so it will not stick out at the underarms (grey photo sample is made in medium weight ponte without size adjustments.)
The narrowest part of the Gimlet top is the bottom opening. This area will be the most fitted so want to make sure you factor this in. You'll notice that I don't even include a body waist measurement because it is not a factor at all. You only need to choose your size based on your chest and hips. 
For a limited time the Gimlet Top and the Gimlet Skirt Add on are available for 20% off. Get your copy as a PDF or printed pattern before January 12th to take advantage of the discount. 

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