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Introducing The Martini Dress, Tank & Tee

Posted by Betsy C on

Meet the Martini Dress, Tank & Tee! This one has it all. You guys should know by now that I love a good wardrobe staple that can be whipped up quickly instead of buying something that just won't last or the proportions are way off for petites.


Last summer I made patterns for a basic tee and my favorite tank top. It was intended to be a personal project because, let’s face it, there are lots of free tee and tank patterns out there. But then I started thinking that if I can’t find anything that fits right as either a sewing pattern or a store-bought garment, then the rest of my petite posse probably has the same problem. 


But why stop with just a basic tank and tee? Let’s just add a skirt and make the world's comfiest dress so we never have to think about what to wear anymore- m'kay? 


My uniform is either a Martini dress or one of the top views with the Barrymore Jeans or Greenpoint shorts. That’s all I’m wearing these days. 


What you get with the Martini pattern: 

-Basic cap sleeve t-shirt that hits at the right spot on the hip where you don’t feel like you are wearing a dress. 

-Tank top- this has cut in shoulders for a sporty look, but ample coverage at the lower armhole to avoid exposing your bra or armpit flesh. 

-Both the tank and tee have what I call a “cropped” option. It’s similar to the Sangria tee where it’s just short enough to skim the top of your waistband, but not too short where you are showing skin. 

-The tee and tank can be made with a skirt option with roomy side seam pockets. The waistband of the skirt has an elastic casing so you can adjust how tight or loose you would like it to look. 

-The tops contain a “full bust” pattern piece. If you have an ample chest or typically require an FBA, use this one. It has a bust dart to ensure you can move and you have enough coverage in your tank tops. Pro tip: if you find that tank armholes are too long/gaping at the front, you should go with the full bust dart option. 


The Martini is intended for knit fabrics. For my dresses, I used a medium-weight French terry and they are so comfy! The tees and tanks can easily be made with most knits- just make sure there is good amount of two-way stretch. 


As per the usual SBCC standards, the Martini Dress is sized from XXS- 4X, and with the full bust options, you should be covered! 


The Martini Dress is a digital download pattern, available as a print-at-home tiled PDF, copy shop, and projector file options all with layered sizing so you can customize the printing to your needs. 

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