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Brooklyn Hoodie Sew Along: Make the Hood

Posted by Betsy C on

This is it folks! Let's finish up the Brooklyn Hoodie!
  • Take the hood inset and sew one side to a hood piece, right sides together. Repeat for the opposite side.
  • You can add a topstitch next to the hood seam. This tends to stretch the fabric a little bit, but don't worry, you can iron back into shape with a little bit of steam.
  • Using a tailors ham helps you iron out the curves .

Here's how to add a drawstring hole:

  1. Place the hood pattern piece on top of the hood. Stick a pin at the top and bottom of the marks. 
  2. Carefully lift the pattern piece up and mark the positions indicated by the pins. 
  3. You can keep the pins in. On opposite side, place a small square of interfacing under the drawstring hole marks. 
  • Use your preferred method to add a buttonhole between the marks.
  • Turn back the edge.
  • Buttonhole will still be on the face of the hood approximately 3/8" (1cm) from the edge. 
  • Topstitch the hood folded edge, close to the edge. 

Join the Hood to the Body: 

  • With right sides together, pin the hood to the body to match all the seams. Sew the hood to the neckline.
  • Once you sew the hood, do a neckline check to ensure that the hood seams match at the center front. The wrong way looks like this-  (yeah, that was me). If this happens to you. Take out the portion that is too long and trim a bit at the body neck edge and re-sew the hood. 

This part is optional, but makes a nice finish

  • Get out your twill tape and edge stitch on top of the hood/neckline join seam. The hood should be on top and the body underneath. 
  • Tuck the twill tape end under at the center front edge. 
  • Sew as close to the neckline seam as you can.
  • Stop sewing a couple of inches from the end. Trim off the extra length of twill tape, leaving only about 1/2".
  • Turn the end under and continue stitching to the end. 
  • Once applied, neckline seam will look like this. 
  • Trim the seam allowance down so twill tape will completely cover it. 
  • Sew the bottom half of the twill tape to the body of the hoodie, close to the edge of the tape.
  • Voila! the neckline will look like this.

Insert the Drawstring:

  • Tie off one end of the drawstring. Attach a safety pin and insert into drawstring. Walk the safety pin through the hood tunnel by guiding the pin between the layers of fabric until it reaches the other side. 
  • Adjust the length.
  • If you are using drawstring end caps, cut off the knot you tied for the safety pin and thread an end cap onto the drawstring. Tie a secure knot and pull the end cap down. 
Well, that's it! I hope it all makes sense and everyone loves their Brooklyn Hoodie. Hit me up on social media and share your makes! Tag @sbccpatterns with #bk hoodie to see all of the makes.

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