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Introducing the Gina Shorts

Posted by Betsy C on

I'm super excited to introduce you to my latest and greatest- The Gina Shorts. Guys, I know I am biased, but these shorts really are the greatest. I have been wearing them for almost two summers now and I figured it was about time to share the petite shorts goodness with everyone. Gina was inspired by my fave pair or RTW shorts that sadly, just didn't survive more than one season of serious wear time. I couldn't live without them and had to take matters into my owns hands. The Gina shorts are my reincarnated version but with a petite twist.

Why make shorts for petites? Aren't shorts inherently short, just by their name? Unfortunately, no. The originals were just a little too long in the rises, for the relaxed fit I wanted and the inseam length meant that it hit at a weird leg proportion for petites. Nope, I wanted a short that would make my stubby petite legs look long and lean. Gina is short, but no worries, there will be no butt cleavage here. I specifically shaped the back leg to eliminate gaping- so please feel free to bend over without worry, Gina's got you covered. 

Pants and shorts sewing can be satisfying to sew, but sometimes get a bit repetitive with the same techniques. The details make it interesting: faux cuffs, double belt loop details, fun pockets, and an overall great opportunity to show off your mad topstitching skills. The Gina shorts will be your piece de resistance of your summer sewn wardrobe. 

Get the Gina short at a 15% discount until June 25th using code "Gina"  

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  • I just spent a couple days ripping out, cutting and resewing some RTW shorts for the very reason you stated above rise/crotching way down on my leg in the front – I had to roll down the waistband to make them fit right.
    So I totally get shorts just for petites and look forward to making these shorts and knowing the will fit properly and I will not have to do my usual petite adjustments.

    CIndy on

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