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New Pattern! The Harvey Shirt

Posted by Betsy C on

Gosh, it’s been awhile since a pattern last dropped at SBCC. But good things take time to bake, and I know you're going to love this!

So, you guys know me by now and my love of making patterns for everyday clothing that are proportioned for us. 

I set out to make a pattern that will be your go to and can serve as your canvas for countless interpretations.

Raise your hand if you have longed for a basic, classic buttondown that doesn't look like a painter's smock on your petite frame. Something that’s says, yes, I too can look effortlessly chic and relaxed.

But not sloppy.

Definitely not.

Harvey is boyfriend shirt so its intended to be roomy in the body, slightly oversized in the shoulders, but slimmer in the long sleeves, to help balance out the proportions.

I know I probably just mentioned a few scary terms for petites but don’t worry, I gotcha and it will be all good!

(Spoiler alert: for those of you who already have the gears turning for how to hack her into a slim fit: Harvey has a “sister” coming for fall. Oh’s good!)

All the Combinations
Honestly there possibilities are limitless for shirt hack after shirt hack. But let's stick to what's in the pattern:

View A. This is My fave Harvey. A classic with chest pockets. If you aren’t into the pockets ok to leave 'em off. I get it.

View B is intended as a tunic or shirt jacket length- something to pop over a tank, paired with your fave jeans. This also has a nice deep pockets to put your phone in and hem facings for a utilitarian look.

View C is perfect for the upcoming summer season as an easy breezy dress—with or without pockets. But if you are going into fall, then put in the long sleeves and pair with boots and tights. View C also features a hem facing, if you prefer that finish.

What Fabric to Make Harvey Out Of:

There are many options for fabrics that I’ll cover more in depth for a later blog post. But basically any stable non-stretch woven fabrics are great. Perhaps it may be time to cut into that precious Liberty Print that stares you down. Just sayin'....

Here's my short-list:

  • Chambray
  • Linen (oh, so want to do this one for my next shirt!)
  • Silk crepe
  • Corduroy
  • Flannel
  • Cotton shirting

Want to See More Variations?

Stay tuned for my next post showcasing all the lovely pattern tester makes and their spin on Harvey. They are all really great and I'm so thrilled to see Harvey made up. 


There will be a sew along happening in the blog in the next few weeks and I am inviting everyone to share their progress and makes as part of the SBCC Community Facebook Group.

Get your copy today! 

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  • Question here: could I make the Harvey out of rayon? Would it be too light weight?

    Vicki on
  • Question here: could I make the Harvey out of rayon? Would it be too light weight?

    Vicki on

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