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Paloma sew along day 3- collarless version

Posted by Betsy C on

The collarless Paloma was the original concept, but she easily evolved into the other views available. Here's how to finish the neckline. 

Oh, and just a disclaimer- no my fabric is not wrinkly. It's a really nice cotton/linen that looks a little worn-in. Just the way I like it :) 

1) With garment right side up, fold the facing/shoulder extension to match to the shoulder and neckline with right sides together. 

2) Stitch along the neckline. 

3) Turn right side out. The easy way to get a crisp point for the center front edge is to fold the seam allowance down and turn the garment right side out by holding this point while  you turn.

4) When the garment is right side out it will look like this. You can baste the shoulder and armholes together at this time.

The back neckline

1) If you are making the version with the yoke, sandwich the CB between the two yoke pieces and sew together. Lift both yoke pieces up an baste together at the back neck, shoulder and armholes.

2) Take your neckline bias strip and fold it in half. Iron flat.

3) Position the neckline bias around the back neckline so the folded edge is facing away from the neck and sew to the body.

*Note: neckline trim is longer than needed for ease of use.

4) Turn the neckline bias to the inside. Iron flat.

5) Make a 1/4" (6mm) topstitch around the back neck through the neckline trim to hold in place. 

6) With right sides together, sew the front shoulders to the back shoulders.

7) Turn the shoulder seam allowance towards the back and do a couple of stitches to tack the seam allowance permanently.

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