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Meet Paloma

Posted by Betsy C on

Let me introduce you to Paloma. She's your new wardrobe BFF. Ok, I know we all live in our T-shirts and jeans, comfortable, familiar- basically uniform of choice. But options are good! Paloma ups the wardrobe ante and offers you a comfortable and trendy look that pairs well with jeans (because we are not giving those up!)

At the fabric stores we fawn over luscious silks and draped jerseys, only to bring them home and the struggle begins. The outcome is awesome, but getting there can be a bumpy ride. Paloma was designed for hearty, stable woven fabrics, that press out like a dream and willingly comply with your construction. Ahhhh...Sometimes we need that, right?

Let's get one thing straight- she is not a corset. Oh, no. She is forgiving of all waistline transgressions (and perhaps a bit of an enabler as well). She is loose around the waist because that's her preference, but she is still feminine in her appropriately shortened hemline for petites. Small and cute. Boxy, but with a little shape. Perfect for hot summer days. 

Paloma has many interchangeable looks. You can make the pleated front, or the button front camp shirt; and add a collar to both options. The back has the most options as the blouse originally started out with the modern angled pleat that gives the back a little more volume. But then I thought traditional would be a good option, so there is a box pleat option with and without a yoke. 

Trying something new:

Since all of my original artwork files are gone, I am forced to start anew. Paloma is the first run of a new sizing scheme. If you are between sizes in SBCC, you won't have to worry any more. I have re-designed the sizing scale so the XXS-L now includes XL as well and XL-3X, now includes size large. 

But, since they are two different patterns, they each have their own shape, meaning the XL of the misses size range will not be the same shape as the XL of the plus size range, or example. Measurements will be similar, but contoured to the body differently according to the range. You will need to determine which size range you lean closer to based on your measurements. 

Get your Paloma Blouse while it's hot! On sale through July 17th for 15% off using code: "Paloma"


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  • Good question, yes I am thinking of reworking the sizes for the patterns since all of the master design files need to be reworked. It’s a bit of a project though, so it may take some time.

    Betsy on
  • Fantastic, Betsy! Can’t wait to try Paloma!! Also, as a size range ‘straddler’, so excited to hear about the new sizing. Hopeful question: does this mean you will revisit some (all?) of your amazing patterns to reflection the new sizing? I love the shape and fit of XXS-L block and look forward to the flexibility of having that XL in places where I need it ? Looking forward to seeing lots of Palomas pop up! Thx

    lynl on
  • A sleeved shirt in a woven … sized for petites? It’s a trifecta of perfection!!! And my third SBCC pattern; Mimosa and Gimlet were both wonderful :-)

    TinaLou on
  • Oh, yes! Thanks for reminding me- new sizing chart is posted.

    Betsy on
  • This pattern will be perfect for the sweltering weather in NY! Where will you be posting the updated size chart as I don’t see it on the Paloma page? So so excited to snag this pattern!

    zim on

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