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Paloma Sew Along day 1

Posted by Betsy C on

Welcome to the Paloma Sew Along! Let's jump right in!

Start out by marking the darts, and the pocket positions. The other marks for stitch lines and buttons can be made when needed. 

For making a button front view, you will need to add a strip of interfacing to the front edge where the buttons and buttonholes will be. There is an interfacing piece included for this. Start out by finding where the front edge will be. Align the shoulder extension portion of the front bodice to the opposite side shoulder. Make as straight line to the bottom hem. You can fold this and create a crease line with your finger or lightly iron down to establish a guideline.

Open and align the interfacing along this folded line. It can go on either side of the folded line.

For all views:

Sew the side seam bust darts.

Back pleats-All views:

There are three different types of pleats that you can make for the Paloma blouse: 

1) Inverted pleats folded in towards the center. These are more subtle and offer less volume on the back, but still give extra ease of movement.

2) Stitch down pleat that goes all the way to the neck, or originates from the yoke

a) Start out by folding the back in half and stitching along  the line indicating pleat placement. 

B. On the wrong side, make the back body flat and press the pleat flat. 

3. Angled back pleats (only available with the yoke option). You will follow the same folding procedure as the inverted pleats (#1)

Coming up next: Sewing the pockets

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